100 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

Who is picking up the kids?

What are you doing tomorrow?

Did you take the trash out?

Are you making dinner yet?

If we’re honest, our marriages tend to be so filled with transactional questions and answers that we leave little room for honest, heartfelt reflection on the state of our marriages. Between the constant tug-of-war of work, school, children, and ministry, we often find ourselves just trying to make it through the day.

I designed a worksheet to help you and your spouse have intentional conversations about your marriage. The worksheet is meant to help you slow down from the frantic speed of life and learn more about your spouse, your marriage, and yourself.

Questions are divided up by topic and theme. Your aim should not be to work through every question in one sitting, but to converse with your spouse about things you may not normally talk about (e.g. healthy living, praying with one another, etc.). I suggest that you take one to two questions and discuss them over a meal or in bed each night. This will create a consistent rhythm where you and your spouse can talk about your marriage—a really good practice!

You can download the worksheet here:


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