The Best Sermons on Marriage You’ll Ever Hear

In the early 1990s, Tim Keller preached a series of sermons at his church (comprised of mostly single young adults) on marriage from Ephesians 5:21-33. I’ve listened to the series once on my own and I’m currently listening through it again with my wife.

In typical Keller fashion, each message is chockfull of robust theology, insightful application, and lots of dry humor.

Here are the sermon titles:

  1. Marriage as Ministry Power
  2. Marriage as Commitment
  3. Marriage as Commitment and Priority
  4. Marriage as Priority and Friendship
  5. Marriage as Friendship
  6. Marriage as Completion: One Flesh
  7. Marriage as Completion: Gender Roles (Part 1)
  8. Marriage as Completion: Gender Roles (Part 2)
  9. Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Click here to download the sermons.

Click here to view and download the sermons on iTunes or in your Apple podcast app.

Here is a lecture Keller gave on his book, The Meaning of Marriage, at a Google Talks session in 2011:

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