The Five Stages of Parenting

Knowing how to shepherd your children as a parent is nothing short of challenging. Andy Stanley has provided a helpful framework for parents to think about how they shepherd their children. You can listen to Andy and his wife, Sandra, explain their intentional parenting strategy by listening here and here.


Caring Stage

As infants, parents primarily care for their child by feeding, protecting, and comforting them. This stage is both tiring and intimate as the newborn matures and develops.

Discipline Stage

During this stage, parents begin to teach their child that there are consequences for their behavior.

Training Stage

For this age group, parents concentrate on putting the why behind the what of the family rules and expectations.

Coaching Stage

Parenting happens a bit more through the parent’s advice from the sidelines, while the relationship moves toward connecting, rather than correcting.

Friendship Stage

As adults, parents enjoy their child’s company and processing life together.

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