The Ten Best Books I Read in 2017

Not all of the books listed below were released in 2017. For further recommendations, take a look at the list of books I read in 2017.

10. Becoming A Pastor Theologian (Wilson, Hiestand)

A collection of entries on pastoral ministry. I especially enjoyed chapter 6 on Pastoral and Theological Leadership in Calvin’s Geneva.

9. 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You (Reinke)

Reinke peels back the shades that have darkened our understanding of how our phones are transforming us (literally). I’ve applied some of Tony’s research findings and applications to my own life—I wish I could have read this book five years ago!

8. How Does Sanctification Work? (Powlison)

“I know what sanctification is, but how does it actually work?” This is the question Powlison answers with precision and clarity. I was helped by sentences throughout the book like this one: “To grow in holiness does not mean that you now talk in hushed tones and every third sentence quote the Bible. It means you live in more clear-minded hope.”

7. Humble Roots (Anderson)

I am human. Hannah Anderson helped me understand the freedom and joy found in living out the reality of those three words. I am limited, finite, and infinitely loved. Read this book and be nourished.

6. Practicing Affirmation (Crabtree)

After having this book recommended to me for the 100th time this year, I decided to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Crabtree gives a theological framework for encouragement coupled with practical suggestions that prove to be helpful.

5. Devoted to God (Ferguson)

Like a wise counselor, Ferguson revealed to my law-ridden heart the glories of grace and how God wants me to have a deeper understanding of His love for me. I left this book with a heart longing to know Jesus more.

4. Reset (Murray)

David Murray has written a book that will be used to save the marriages, ministries, and lives of young pastors that read it. He offers advice and encouragement on abiding in Christ through boundaries and implemented restrictions—highly recommended!

3. Leading Yourself First (Kethledge, Erwin)

This is the prime example of “book candy.” Through countless historical examples, Kethledge & Erwin show how solitude is vitally needed for great leaders.

2. The Imperfect Pastor (Eswine)

This is the best book Zack Eswine has written to date. So much so that I encourage every pastor I meet to read it. So, what are you waiting for?

1. The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook (Calhoun)

While I have several critiques of Calhoun’s theology expressed in this volume, I absolutely love the book. She has put together a resource that helps Christians enjoy Jesus more while growing in His likeness through a variety of spiritual disciplines like slowing, unplugging, and breath prayer. 
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