Seven Ways to Slay Pride Everyday

I was recently teaching at my church on Psalm 131 (currently my favorite of all the Psalter), and I shared seven ways to kill pride every day. This list is from C.J. Mahaney’s little book, Humility. I have personally benefitted from looking over this list every morning before I start my day. You can see the entire list below or you can download it here.

  1. Begin the day acknowledging your dependence upon God and your confidence in God.
  2. At the outset of each day express specific gratefulness to God. 
  3. Practice the Spiritual Disciplines.
  4. Seize Your Daily Commute as an Opportunity to Meditate on Scripture.
  5. Throughout Each Day Cast Your Cares Upon Him.
  6. At the End of the Day Transfer the Glory to God.
  7. Before Falling Asleep Acknowledge the Purpose of Sleep.
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