The Gospel and Humor

I recently stumbled upon an article Tim Keller wrote titled, The Gospel and Humor. I found the article to be convicting, enlightening, and helpful. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Humor is like seasoning on food—everything is flat without it.”

“Your humor has a lot to do with how you regard yourself. Many people use humor to put down others, keep themselves in the driver’s seat in a conversation and setting, and remind the listeners of their superior vantage point.

“Some people constantly and bitterly mock themselves. At first, it looks like a form of humility, or realism, but really it is just as self-absorbed as the other version. It is a sign of an inner discomfort with one’s self, a profound spiritual restlessness.

The gospel, however, creates a gentle sense of irony. Our doctrine of sin keeps us from being over-awed by anyone (especially ourselves) or shocked by any behavior. We find a lot to laugh at, starting with our own weaknesses. They don’t threaten us anymore, because our ultimate worth is not based on our record or performance.

You can read the entire article here.

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