Ten Signs That You’re Growing in Mercy

David Powlison, Good and Angry (New Growth Press, 2016):

  1. You keep your mouth shut when you used to blurt out a reaction.
  2. You listen, when you used to be busy crafting a comeback.
  3. You speak up courageously when you used to get intimidated.
  4. You treat people fairly, representing them accurately; no gross caricatures.
  5. You speak calmly, rather than with gusts of inflammatory emotion.
  6. You speak frankly, rather than inhibited by timidity.
  7. You overlook an offense you used to explode over.
  8. You solve the problem rather than attacking the person.
  9. You expect to see Christ at work, rather than despairing or panicking.
  10. You replace harsh words with gentle answers.
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