How to Make Decisions on Issues of Christian Liberty

Should I play video games?
Can I wear this piece of clothing?
Should I eat fast food?
Is wearing make-up wrong?
Should I take my kids trick-or-treating?

All of these questions have to do with Christian liberty (for a great definition of Christian Liberty, see A.W. Pink’s, Christian Liberty). So, how do you attempt to make decisions on such grey areas?

I recently heard Andy Naselli give an incredible lecture on the conscience at a TGC Indianapolisevent. At the end of the lecture, he participated in a Q&A where he referred to a chart that Vaughn Roberts created for making decisions on Christian liberty issues. The chart (given below) lists five questions to ask yourself in sequential order:

  1. Does the Bible allow it? (If no, don’t do it. If yes, ask question #2)
  2. Does my conscience allow it? (If no, don’t do it. If yes, ask questions #3-5)
  3. What is the effect on other Christians? (Love is more important than knowledge)
  4. What is the effect on non-Christians? (The gospel is more important than rights)
  5. What is the effect on my spiritual life? (Spiritual health is more important than freedom)

For more resources on Christian liberty, see the following:

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