Farewell, Ink: Leaving Print Books for Logos

​​Not that it needs to be stated again, but… I love books. A book is a piece of art. It’s cover, contents, and binding are all like splashes of color on a blank canvas that create beauty. This is one of the main reasons why many (myself included) will never ditch print books entirely.

In recent months, however, I’ve started to reevaluate my relationship with print books because of one reason: accessibility. While print books are aesthetically appealing they are not easily accessible. I cannot carry more than 2 books in my (awesome!) briefcase. I can’t search for a phrase or word in a book without having to rely on my often-failing memory. I can’t hold my entire theological library—well over 1,500 books—in my home. Therefore, I often forget what books I have on topics or themes that might be handy at any given time.


It is for these reasons that I started researching Logos Bible Software in March of 2018.

What I found was astonishing.

​At the click of a mouse I could search my entire library for a phrase or word and flip through a library that can get as big as I want/can afford. I took the next couple of months to talk to veteran Logos users and read anything/everything I could get my hands on about the positives and negatives of switching from a print library to completely digital. After months of consideration, I was sold.


I made the decision to no longer buy print commentaries or reference books, but instead to buy them digitally on Logos. This means I must begin the tedious (and even painful!) process of selling my print commentaries and reference books—more to come on that 🙂

It will no doubt take me years to replicate my print library, but I’m convinced that it will be well worth it in the long run.

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