A Blessing For You (Inspired by Psalm 20)

For the past month or so, I’ve been finding daily spiritual refreshment and sustaining grace through the book Sheltering Mercy: Prayers Inspired by the Psalms. The book is a collection of written prayers—all inspired by the Psalms.

What I love about the book is the earthiness and gritty realness of the prayers. The prayer reflection on Psalm 20 is written as a blessing addressed to the reader. I hope it encourages your heart today—no matter what you face today.

I bless you in the name of Christ

and ask that in His great mercy

He would not be silent when you cry out to Him—

that in the trials that await you

His presence would be near.

May you be surrounded by the ministry of Heaven

and the fellowship of the saints.

Take comfort in this—

that the Father sees your heart;

how, despite many stumbles and

falls along the way,

it stubbornly clings to His grace.

The dreams and desires within

you are seen by Him:

your yearning for beauty;

your capacity for great and glorious things.

May He bring them to fruition!

May the garden you’ve been tending

burst forth with life!

May you be a living example of

the faithfulness of God

and the power of His Gospel.

For He is not distant,

cloistered in a castle in the sky;

He is near—




Weaving a marvelous story with Your life.

While others hope in temporal things—

in power and privilege;

money and merit;

building houses on shifting sand—

look once more to Jesus.

Find in Him a deeper joy.

May your heart swell with the

hope of New Creation,

anchored by the promises of God,

and so outlast these passing things.

Come, Lord Jesus,

bring us into Your eternal kingdom.


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