Overflowing Joy: A Tribute to Chas Singer

There are currently approximately 7,584,202,520 people in the world right now. While I’m not entirely sure if those numbers are accurate while you are reading this, I am sure of one thing.

There is only one Chas Singer.

Sure, there might be another person in this world of 7.5 billion people named Chas Singer, but there is no one like Chas Singer. This audacious statement begs the question…

What makes Chas Singer so unique?

Perhaps it’s because he is a Beatles-loving, guitar-playing, take-it-easy hippy living in the year 2017. Maybe it’s because of his love for various kinds of music—no exaggeration. The man loves the Beatles and Austin Stone Worship. Perhaps it’s because of his outrageous, always-on, hilarious, gut-wrenching humor. Or maybe it’s because of his stupendous story-telling ability (no one tells a story better than Chas Singer).

While all of these things (and many more!) are aspects of the man I know as Chas Singer, there is one thing that sets him apart from all the rest: Chas overflows with joy.

Like a water faucet turned on full blast, Chas pours forth joy wherever he goes. Joy exudes from him as He enjoys God through the simplest of things: A walk on a crisp fall day. The drink of a  Pepsi (with grenadine, of course). Watching a Pacers game with friends. Listening to music. Playing with his grandkids. Talking on the phone to an old friend. Watching the stars on a calm Summer night. Chas enjoys life more than most people I know.

His joy is so evident that it is contagious. From his recognizable laughter to his embracing smile—you always leave Chas wanting to be more like him. His joyous passion in worship inspires others to sing and lift Jesus high. His love for the Bible that exalted a joy-giving, joy-filled God is evident whenever he preaches or teaches—he is a real Christian hedonist. His love for people is apparent through his joyful care for others. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a word of wisdom, or just someone to be there, you can always count on Chas being there—with joy.

How does Chas live a life of such overflowing joy? Because he trusts in a God who takes sin and gives righteousness. He placed his faith in a God who sent His Son to die in our place so that we can have eternal fellowship with our Creator. Chas is filled with joy because He is filled with hope.

Hope in a Christ that forgives.

Hope in a God whose love never fails.

Hope in a life beyond the grave.

What makes this man so unique? Chas Singer overflows with joy because he knows the Joy of all joys–Jesus.

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